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Help with Prevention of Covid-19 from the Corona Virus

It was suggested that I weigh in on the corona virus and resulting disease, Covid-19. I thought that there was enough information going around about that topic until I talked with a friend recently, who works in the health industry. It turned out she didn’t know what a virus actually was, which surprised me, though not much, as I don’t really think most people really know what a virus is. That’s when I decided to write this series of articles. The first is on viruses themselves and the Corona virus specifically. The second is on the importance of a good life style as opposed to waiting for vaccines and drugs to keep you from being sick. The third is what constitutes a good lifestyle and other suggestions for preventing this virus from sickening you. The last is on specific supplements and herbal medicines that increase immune function and actually keep you healthy.
Let's start at the beginning. Click below for the answer to the question:
What is a Virus?

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